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About the Artist


I explore form, flow, and space through with my natural stone sculptures.  Using my knowledge as an Architect and experience as an Underwater Photographer, I create unique objects incorporating shape, movement and texture working primarily in alabaster, limestone and marble.  First studying each piece of stone for it's potential, I then conceptualize an object in my mind and sketch it to refine the design. I particularly enjoy the complexity and planning required to successfully carve stone.  This form of three dimensional art is challenging as I start  with  an  object  and “take  away" rather  than  "add  to"  my creation.   My  favorite time in the carving process is the initial rough cutting of the stone when I must execute my vision without taking out too much and allowing for contingencies during the final shaping.


I began with a comprehensive stone carving mentor program in Nevada then  relocated to Santa Fe in 2016, I have continued to develop my skills and experience in the studio I designed and built at my home in Eldorado, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


My Santa Fe studio


Working at Marble/marble Symposium in Marble, Colorado

2010 - present
2010 - present

Chuck Boxwell

28 Monterey Road

Santa Fe, NM 87508



Phone: 213-304-8022

Chuck Boxwell's

Visions in Stone

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